Goatmen Live at Donukanaltreiben Festival Vienna

We are happy to anounce that we will play at Donaukanaltreiben Festival.
Fr. 27.05.2016, 17:00  main stage “Salztorbühne”
First show after within 3 years featuring our new keyboard player David Petermann.

Adam W. Swiczinsky Vox + Git
Florian Prix            Git
Roman Stift           Bass
David Petermann Keys
Gerard Höffler      Drums

Mixer  festival vienna

Release party CD “Before It Rains”

01/18/2013, 20:00, we will release our  initial album  “Before It Rains”
Linked with our first live show at the B72 club in Vienna, we will present our first album

Via nocturnal data exchange, Gwe (Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky and Florian Prix) produced 12 songs in the (voltage) range between live instruments and chunky electronics.
The resulting – sometimes rather stubborn -dynamics of the music move between blues, rock, soul and electronic music.
Our debut album, “Before It Rains” is published by monkey music.

goatmen releaseThe Album release date ist January 18th, 2013 .

20:00 doors open
21:15 live Show
22:15 album played + Dj
23:00 end

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