Industrial designer Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky and media technician Florian Prix, actual childhood friends, experienced their first musical decade together. They composed and performed in several formations and with different lineups.
In the following “solitary” years, both Adam and Florian developed their own musical approaches. Florian focused on composition and arrangement with “The Bunny Situation” and different experimental projects. Adam concentrated on live performances: The live- implementation of “Mind.In.A.Box”,”Hornyphon” and other bands.
2010 – almost 20 years later – their productive cooperation resumed and Adam played some of his “late night” tracks to Florian.
The logical consequence: Florian arranged the songs, programmed additional lines and recorded some guitar tracks.

“Before it Rains”                               released January 18th 2013 on Monkey Music.
“Beware of the Wolf”                       released June 12th 2020 on Monkey Music.

Live implementation
Dispite the electronic production process, Goatmen is also a live act. Adam and Florian are joined on stage by renowned musicians which flavor the Goatmen sound with their distinct musical approach. The lineup includes keyboards, two guitars, bass, drums and loops.

Band members
Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky (vox, git, perc)
Florian Prix (git, u.a)
Roman Stift (bass)
Gerhard Höffler (drums)
Markus Pillhofer (keyboard)